The Dima Foundation school is entirely funded through the generosity of its supporters in the United Kingdom and Iraq.

We would like to thank all our funders and to ask those new to the Dima Foundation to consider making a gift to help us realise our dream: to extend the educational provision for all young people with Down’s Syndrome and other special needs in Iraq.

We are a registered UK Charity and as such are able to claim gift aid on all donations from UK taxpayers, increasing the value of the gift by 20%.

Donations can be made by cheque, bank transfer or direct debit. Download the DONATION FORM.


£20 would buy twenty new
books for a class of 7 year olds
who were previously excluded
from formal education.

£100 would buy arts and
crafts materials for a three
month term at the Dima
Foundation School.

£250 could buy a new
wheelchair giving one student
a level of freedom not
experienced before.

£500 could buy 10 new school
desks allowing the school to
benefit more students year by year.