Dima Foundation Newsletter (2017)

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

DIMA Foundation – Newsletter #6 April 2017

Thank you for your continued support! We’d like to provide you with an update on this year’s events at the DIMA Foundation – a school for children with Special Needs and Learning Difficulties in Najaf, Iraq.

2017 Update

Since its opening in September 2007, the DIMA Foundation school has continued to grow. The school now has 73 regular pupils with 6 teachers, 2 teaching assistants and 1 porter working at the school. It remains the only school for disabled children in Iraq.

The school moved to new premises in 2015 with 2 new classes teaching a variety of subjects including Mathematics, Arabic, English and Science. In 2016 the school was entirely refurbished with 2 new classrooms built in the school grounds and all the classrooms were redecorated including new desks, chairs and other furniture for all the rooms. The school also purchased new outdoor equipment for the playground to make break times more enjoyable for the pupils.

There are now a total of 6 classes, composed of one class in each year from Years 1 to 6. There are 12 pupils on average in each class with ages ranging from 7 to 22 years old.

School Activities

Along with the daily school curriculum the teachers are now ensuring that the children have a full and active timetable with regular school trips and school parties organised to ensure that the pupils have a fun and stimulating time at the DIMA Foundation. This year the children went on a trip to a local fun fair and had an Eid party


This year the teachers at the DIMA Foundation organised a variety of fundraising events to raise money for the new playground and refurbishment. These have included an Arts and Craft Fair and a second hand clothing sale.

We continue to receive monthly subscriptions from our regular contributors here in the UK. These contributions are vital to the day-to-day running costs of the school and mean that we can provide high quality education to our students and accept new students each year.

Regular Contributors

As always we greatly appreciate all your support and would like to thank and acknowledge all those who continue to contribute to the DIMA Foundation especially our fellow trustees and our regular contributors.


Our website can be found at:


Many thanks for all your contributions to date and we look forward to letting you know all the continued news of future progress and developments at the DIMA Foundation in the coming years and finally here are some more photos of our pupils enjoying their time at school!

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